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When I think of portrait photography, I tend to think about the airy light photos found on pinterest.  Happy couples announcing their engagements, expectant mothers delicately covered in lace, smiling families or newborn babies.  The photos all set in a bright, sunny grass filled field with a 20% opacity layer of white over top the whole package to give it the cosy feel of perfection.  

I too enjoy taking portraits, but as my wardrobe will attest, you'll have to go elsewhere to find sunshine and lollipops. My favourite locations to drag willing subjects tend to be culverts, alleyways, breweries and mountains. Jostling for a spot among 12 other lifestyle photographers and their subjects at the park doesn't sound like fun to me, I'd rather drag 60 pounds of gear through gutters in the middle of the night along with a six pack thrown into the camera bag to share after the shoot.   It occurred to me that I haven't shared any of my portrait work on the blog, so here's a few of my favourites from local bands Class Action, Jason Hastie & The Alibi, The Press Gang, Oh Shit, Stenno and my favourite Crustacean Jean Guy. 

And now for the shameless self promotion:
These were shot on location in Calgary and surrounding area, if you like what you see, get in touch! My sessions start at $200.

Class Action - PromoClass Action - Promo

Class Action - PromoClass Action - Promo Jason Hastie & The Alibi - PromoJason Hastie & The Alibi - Promo Oh Shit - Full Length AlbumOh Shit - Full Length Album



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