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I believe a life that's too easy is probably also a life that's not very fun nor entertaining. If you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that my favourite time to write a post is after something goes horrifically wrong. In those moments of utter chaos, confusion and cameras I can only laugh at the absurdity of what I do for fun and then push forward, eager to make things work.

If I can't laugh at myself, then at the very least, I like to learn from my mistakes and ensure the next trip will be a little less eventful and a bit more productive.  Apparently I've been learning a lot recently, so that's why this post is probably not very fun, or entertaining, but I have taken some photos in the last little while that I would still like to share here.  I just have to admit to you that the trips I took in order to capture these were very pleasant and I arrived home again at the end of the day without incident.  

Moonlit MinnewankaMoonlit Minnewanka

This WayThis Way

Ice JamIce Jam

Spring FedSpring Fed



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Llisa Bastard Photography
Thanks Ian. There was a coyote that showed up on the lake about 50 feet in front of me, and as usual when animals sneak up on me, I was a bit startled by it and took that as my cue to leave. Could have dragged a funny story out of that I suppose but packing up and going home isn't a very interesting ending.
Ian Babcock(non-registered)
These are all quite beautiful Llisa. But I thought there was a coyote "incident" associated with the time you got the 2nd and/or 5th shots (the ones with the broken ice slabs in the foreground).
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