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I had the chance to photograph Calgary post punk trio Ultrviolence at their gig a few weeks ago.  Originally I'd been asked to catch their live set, but as I set towards the door I grabbed a set of transmitters for my speedlight and stuffed them into my already overburdened gig bag.  I was glad I did.

The show was already running behind schedule by the time I showed up, the first band hadn't even taken to the stage yet.  The guys mentioned they needed a few posed shots on top of the gig photos and suggested a location in a corner of the room.  Not wanting to conduct a shoot in the middle of another band's set, I  ducked into the alley and found a more suitable location behind the venue. With the help of a nice voice activated light stand and a single speedlight we managed to shoot a few rushed frames in between the opener sets while the smell of decaying food wafted over us from a nearby dumpster. Not the most glamorous location, but functional.    

Here's a few shots from our impromptu back alley photo shoot and their set at Broken City that night.  

If you happen to be in Western Canada next month, they'll be touring their new album, check them out!


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