This collection of photos is not meant to be an all encompassing look at what Calgary’s music scene has to offer. It is only a tiny glimpse of the goings on over the last few years. The photos span the years of 2007 to 2015. For every venue, promoter, fan or musician pictured, there are a hundred more that are missing - each just as important as the next.
I hope these photos inspire you to seek out what the city has to offer for yourself if you haven’t already. A quick flip through Fast Forward, Beatroute or Absolute Underground will present you with plenty of opportunities.
Music has an incredible way of bringing people together and creating a community. Calgary’s music community has made this city feel like home to me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Clint, Ian and Verns
Mr. Bastard, Dad, Steve Richter, Terry Nanosky, Kelly Archibald, Wes Lafortune

A special thank you to all of the bands who allowed me to stick my camera in their faces over the past 10 years.
I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your patience.
SCOTT O’BRIEN goes for a ride momentsbefore his last gig with BDFMRYAN MCEATHRON – formerly in FIST OF GOD and THE JAMMY PACS, he has ran off to Edmonton for University. If you’re in Edmonton you can see him play in the WOW BANDMARK RUSSELLADAM – EPIDEMICI had heard stories of Adam being kidnapped, stuffed into a band van (BDFM’s I think) and ending up at a festival in Lethbridge months before I met him.  His band EPIDEMIC has been a stMOJO and IAN (Electric Revival) during an Oh Shit gigCHEWY – THE DEAD BENOITSThe Dead Benoits only ever played one show while the band of perpetual couch surfers was in town.  They haven’t been heard from since.Chewy still owes me $20.00.DENIS KOMILI  has a great sense of humor which is evident both off stage and on stage with his band THE DIFFICULT BROWN.  (former bands include NAUGHTY PROWLERS, AMAZING LARRY’S, HELVIS)DARCY KNOL  -WORLD CLASS WHITE TRASH (2010 – 2014)Dance worthy CRAIC THE LENS gets the crowd movingTHE TARTAN HEARTS Pete McLeod, Mikey Blotto, Travis Atomic, Chris Meyers, Aaron Taylor & Marcus WodrazkaCASEY ROGERS – CAVEAT / EXIT STRATEGY (formerly bass for TRUCK)Nationwide semi-finalist for the 2012 Roland V-Drums competition.Too talented to be human, approach with caution.THE BLOODY HELLSOH SHIT’S revolving door of singers in the early days of the band stopped rotating when DEADNECK FURY singer O.G. JIM joined as the permanent front manTACO and KATIE both integral to running THE DISTILLERY take in a show at Dickens Pub“BILL-DOZER” of High River’s thrash punk trio THE CADAVOR DOGCatch them Feb. 28th at Nite OwlFITZY – currently drumming for KEITH MORRISON and filling in LOS KUNG FU MONKEYS and NEVERTIME HIGHBDFM and THE TURRETTES in their typical chaotic state during BDFM’s 10th Anniversary / Album Release / Last Show EverJAKE REIMER– STATUE OF DEMURJORGE MARES  - BURNING EFFIGYBRAD STEPHENSON – THRASHADACTYLAnxiously awaiting the release of their album. Is it out now?  Now? How about now?