I have always said "Home is where my feet are" and up until I started this project, I believed it.

When the Sixth Degree Collective chose Home as the theme for this year's Exposure Photography Festival, I knew right away that I would show a collection of landscapes. It made sense at the time as I've always been enamoured with wherever I happen to be standing, caught up in the moment, mesmerized by the beauty around me. As I started picking through my landscapes, and reminiscing about the places I took each photo, I realized something had been missing in those moments. Sure, it had felt like home, but that feeling had been fleeting.

As happy as I would have been to stay in that space forever, something always brought me back to reality. Maybe I was going to see a band play a gig later that night with friends. Maybe my husband stayed in the city and I just wanted nothing more than to be in his arms instead of knee deep in snow in the most amazing landscape I had ever explored. Whatever the reason, those distractions made me change the course of my project to try to portray what home really means, despite where it may lie geographically.

A home is so much more than the spaces we inhabit, it can be a person, a community, or just a state of mind. Home is where you learn to dream and it's where your memories are regardless of where you're standing now. Home can be anywhere you make it.
Home is a State of MindHome is Where Dreams are CultivatedHome is Where Your Community Is II