Photographer, bass player and consumer of cheese sandwiches. 

I love raucous punk gigs at night and the solitude and quiet of early mornings spent in the wilderness. Sometimes without even sleeping in between. Because I'm always on the go, I have become very skilled at napping in scenic locations and I could probably make a pot of coffee with just a tin can and a match if it I had to. 

I currently play bass in a metal band called Mutation Farm and was a member of several other Calgary punk bands (The Rigormorticians, Mr. Happy & The Remains, Fist Kitten and The Hormones to name a few). My experience on stage has helped me develop a keen understanding of crowds, strong opinions on live gig photographers and a new found appreciation for Canada's Food Guide. What that means for you is that I have become a courteous and intuitive live gig photographer. My band photos have been described as "raw and honest" you can have a look at them here.

I love finding interesting compositions in difficult locations which is probably why I'm drawn to areas of photography that many others find too stressful or frustrating. Whether it's chasing a frantic singer under dim stage lighting, or climbing a mountain in the dark by myself only for the sunrise to be a bust for the third weekend in a row, I pride myself in being able to rise to challenges with a sense of humour and if something goes wrong I can laugh it off, knowing that it will probably make for a good story later on. If stories aren't really your thing, head on over to my gallery and if you see something you love, I do have prints available.


Preferred drink: Craft Beer or Coffee depending on the time of day
Current Favourite Author: Joe Simpson
Current Favourite Local Band: Citizen Rage
Current Grilled Cheese: Cream Cheese, Bacon, Jalapeno, Cheddar

Past Exhibitions:


2013 - Exposure Photo Festival - Upcoming Artist Finalist

2013 - 6th Degree Collective Group Show at Dickens Pub
2014 - "Home" - 6th Degree Collective Group Show (pop up)

2015 - "Underground" - solo show at Verns

2018 - "Prairie Photos and Pints" - solo show at Prairie Dog Brewing

2019 - "Where in the World is Llisa Bastard" - solo pop up show series at various City of Calgary Parks


Selected Press:

Beatroute Article - Exposure 

Five Events to See in Calgary Herald - Exposure