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You need high quality photos for your new album without spending all of your recording fund, but your friend's iphone photos just aren't going to cut it. With 8 years experience not only photographing bands, but being in bands myself, I'm a good person to talk to about those photos. I understand everything from tight deadlines to gig etiquette. Please contact me by email, phone or catch up to me at a show to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, my rates are tailored to a local band's budget and needs.

Gig Photos - Digital Files for Web, Poster & Album Inserts starting from $125.00/band + admission.

Promo Photo Shoots - for Media, Web, Poster & Album Inserts starting from $200.00.
Class Action - PromoDance worthy CRAIC THE LENS gets the crowd movingClass Action - PromoWhen burlesque performer LACEY GUNSMOKE isn’t dazzling the crowd on stage, she is likely to be seen frantically running down the stairs after her shift at the hospital trying to catch a few songs fromDIVA BERRY picked up her first bass at 16 and is gaining momentum with THRASHADACTYL, voted best new band in the 2014 Beer Core Awards.EMI VAN DER POL started singing in a Winnipeg punk band called KOCO ONO but since moving to Calgary she has been in MANDATORY SHOT OF BEER and most recently in the female fronted overtly sexual PERVCOJENNIFER RAE – Performs alongside Saskatoon’s New Jacobin Club as part of the ANGRY TEETH FREAKSHOW.THE ATIVANSSTEVEN MCGILLIVRAY - LEAVE THE LIVING from Red DeerMICHAEL JOHNSON – RAYGUN COWBOYSHAUNTED CORPSE – FRIGHTENSTEINThe most impressive part of singer Haunted Corpse’s stage performance is the 180 degree spin he takes from his normally calm quiet demeanor off stage to the commanding prAges ago it seemed that I saw WE FOUND THE BODY every weekend, and then it was years before I saw them again this past summer.  I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, they are just as good as ever.Class Action - Full Length Album CoverJason Hastie & The Alibi - PromoVERNS owner CLINT PIKE making sure FROID and the rest of OH SHIT are well hydrated during their set.  Often, by the last band of the night, Clint will be pouring Jagermeister down the band’s throats w