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You need high quality photos for your new album without spending all of your recording fund, but your friend's iphone photos just aren't going to cut it. With 8 years experience not only photographing bands, but being in bands myself, I'm a good person to talk to about those photos because I understand everything from tight deadlines to gig etiquette.
Please contact me by email, phone or catch up to me at a show to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, my rates are tailored to a local band's budget and needs.

Gig Photos -
Digital Files for Web, Poster & Album Inserts
starting from $125.00/band + admission.
If you saw me taking pictures at your gig or you would like to see samples of my work check out the "Your Band Here" gallery, individual downloadable photos are available for purchase for $6.66 each.

Promo Photo Shoots -
for Media, Web, Poster & Album Inserts
starting from $200.00.
Samples available in the “Promo Photos” gallery
Class Action - Full Length Album CoverClass Action - PromoJason Hastie & The Alibi - PromoJason Hastie & The Alibi - PromoClass Action - PromoStenno - PromoStenno - PromoUltrviolence - PromoJason Hastie & The Alibi - PromoThe Rigormorticians - Album InsertOh Shit - Full Length Albumclass ActionThe Rigormorticians - Album CoverHiram King FBPandemik9 for Dark Parlour MagazineBlack Earth EPBlack Earth  FBBlack Earth Full Length AlbumThe Press Gang PromoThe Press Gang Promo